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Summer Eye Exams for Kids in Austin

Back to School Eye Exams for Kids in Austin, TXIt's August, and you know what that means...

Time to soak up the last of the summer fun and take care of those back-to-school errands. Dr. sees an upsurge of pediatric eye exams in Austin, TX at this time of year, and with good reason. Parents all over the greater Austin area including Bee Caves and West Lake want to make sure their children have the right prescription and that their eyeglasses fit well before the new school year begins. Our school system's educational model relies heavily on vision and eyesight can impact your child's academic success.

Austin Children Eye Exam

Our eye exam for children is designed with the young patient in mind. The pediatric eye care specialists are child-friendly and will screen for common vision problems that develop during childhood. In addition to distance vision and near vision, problems such as astigmatism, convergence insufficiency, depth perception issues, binocularity problems, strabismus and amblyopia can make reading and writing a real challenge. Most of these eye conditions would not be picked up by a school vision screening test, so it is best to schedule a comprehensive eye exam with your child's optometrist before school starts to rule out any undetected vision problems.

As children grow, their eyes develop too, and their vision may change more rapidly than it would during adulthood. That is why the American Optometric Association recommends a routine eye exam every year or two, even for a child with healthy eyes.

If your child does need corrective lenses, now is a great time to make sure he or she is happy with his or her eyeglasses or contact lenses. Ensuring a good fit and a good feeling is the first step in encouraging your child to comply with their eyewear needs.

At Bristol Family Eyecare, our family optometrists provide pediatric eye care and eyewear for kids in Bee Cave, TX.


Due to COVID-19 we are operating on a reduced/modified schedule in a controlled environment to protect our patients and staff. Please read over the following protocol before coming to the office and call or text us: 512-263-3937 if you have any questions. Click here to order contact lenses.