Don’t Let Your Benefits Go to Waste — Let Bristol Family Eyecare Help!

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Don’t Let Your Benefits Go to Waste — Let Bristol Family Eyecare Help!

Eye care is important, and between vision insurance and tax-advantage accounts, there are some great ways to make it even more affordable. There’s a catch with many of these benefits, however: you have to use them before they expire at the end of the year!

We don’t want your benefits to go to waste when they could help you get a comprehensive eye exam or new eyewear instead. This guide will walk you through the basics of these resources, and how they can be used on your vision!

Insurance Benefits Are Limited-Time

Vision insurance is a specialty type of insurance that’s distinct from, and covers things not included in, most healthcare plans. The key difference is that while health insurance normally deals with healthcare expenses for existing issues, such as an eye disease, vision insurance offers discounts on preventative or routine services — eye exams, eyeglasses, contact lenses, sunglasses, and more.

Many vision insurance plans include a free or discounted comprehensive eye exam once per year, and also offer discounts or co-payments for eyewear. But importantly, you can’t save up those benefits: they expire January 1st!

Vision insurance plans vary by provider: come in and see how we can help you maximize your benefits!

FSA & HSA Funds Can Expire

Many people have access to a flexible spending account (FSA) or a health savings account (HSA), which allow you to save funds for medical costs — tax-free. The idea is that you set aside money, often directly from your paycheck, to later spend on qualified medical expenses.

Both accounts are funded with pre-tax money, and both can be used tax-free on a variety of health care, including eye exams and eyewear. The main difference between FSAs and HSAs, however, is that while many HSA plans’ funds rollover to the next year, FSA funds almost always expire at the end of the year!

Don’t let those savings disappear — plan your visit with us today to make the most of your no-tax savings!

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Don’t Wait for Benefits to Run Out: Visit Bristol Family Eyecare Today!

There’s no reason to risk letting your insurance benefits or FSA funds expire. Comprehensive eye exams can have a massive impact on your eye health and updating your eyeglasses or contact lenses can be just as good for your fashion as for your vision — spend your saved-up benefits on them!

Bristol Family Eyecare is committed to enriching our patients’ lives through thorough, personalized eye exams and medical care, and our huge selection of frames and lenses means that we have options to fit every need and preference. Don’t miss out on saving on great vision: visit Bristol Family Eyecare today!