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Orthokeratology and Kids, in Austin, TX


Learn How Ortho-k Gets Top Grades in School

Are you familiar with the ABC’s of orthokeratology? Often called ortho-k, this modern treatment offers an effective method to correct nearsightedness without wearing eyeglasses or contact lenses during the day.

The orthokeratology process involves wearing specialized, rigid gas permeable contact lenses overnight. These lenses mold the cornea gently into a new shape, thereby correcting refractive error. Upon waking, the wearer removes the ortho-k lenses to enjoy clear eyesight – without any need to put on eyewear. Typically, the effects last a few days, which is why the ortho-k lenses must be worn nightly to maintain sharp vision.

Our eye doctor, Dr. Dan Bristol, is highly experienced and qualified to fit ortho-k lenses. To find out more about this process and to check candidacy, schedule a visit for you and your child in our eye care center near Austin, TX.

Why Ortho-k Scores High with Kids

No More Eyeglasses

Nearsighted kids generally need eyeglasses or contact lenses to see the board or the other end of the sports field. However, many children find eyeglasses to be an annoying nuisance. Whether they are reading in school or participating in active extra-curricular activities, kids are always pushing their eyeglasses up on their nose or picking them up from where they fell on the sports field. With ortho-k lenses, glasses are unnecessary.

In addition to the bother of telling kids to keep eyeglasses on their nose, the cost of eyeglass repairs or replacements is another aggravation for parents. In contrast, ortho-k lenses are worn only in bed, where the risk of loss or damage is minimal.

More Comfortable than Contacts

Regular contact lenses are also an option for children. However, if your child engages in outdoor extra-curricular activities, such as playing sports on a dusty, dirty playing field, contact lenses can be uncomfortable and irritating; they can also dry out and be dislodged easily.

Better Sports Vision

Another benefit of ortho-k is the superior visual acuity. Sports performance depends upon rapid reflexes, agility, power and sharp vision. Nothing beats orthokeratology for providing a wide (full peripheral vision) and precise view of the sports arena without inconvenient eyewear to get in the way. Swimmers who undergo ortho-k treatment can simply dive in and see underwater clearly. They will no longer need to wear prescription goggles or contact lenses under regular goggles (which is medically unsafe!).

Myopia Control for Children

Myopia, the official term for nearsightedness, has always been common in children and is now an increasing problem. In recent years, the number of myopic kids has grown significantly. One cause may be the high number of hours that contemporary children spend indoors viewing digital screens held close to their face.

Parents are alarmed by their kid’s need for a more powerful vision prescription each year, and kids are disturbed by the growing thickness of their glasses. Additionally, high myopia numbers are associated with many dangerous eye health problems later in life. Ortho-k may offer a solution for controlling myopia, as it has demonstrated effectiveness in slowing down or stopping the progression of nearsightedness. Dr. Bristol will be happy to meet with you and your child in our office near Austin, TX, to determine if orthokeratology for myopia control is an appropriate treatment.

Ortho-k is Safe and Reversible

Orthokeratology is safe for children, with low maintenance required. It is also totally reversible. Most children adapt quickly to wearing ortho-k lenses while sleeping, and they adapt even more quickly to the comfort and convenience of seeing clearly without eyeglasses or contacts! Since LASIK refractive surgery is not approved for kids under age 18, ortho-k is the best way for nearsightedness children to view the world without eyewear.

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“Wonderful team who works there! I have been seeing Dr Bristol for over 10 years. Dr. Bristol also introduced me to CRT lenses 10 years ago, and my prescription hasn’t changed in years! Amazing technology, and best of all, I don’t have to bother with contacts or glasses during the day! I’m so happy that Dr. Bristol offered this technology to me so many years ago! Great office, highly recommend this doctor.”
-S. Turner Austin, TX