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Eye Allergies in Austin, Texas

What are eye allergies?

We all love the beautiful look and feel of Austin, Texas. We have some of the best sites in the country. But with our wonderful city comes a very unique climate and type of weather. It can be especially hard in the Spring and Fall months when allergies are at an all-time high. The pollen count is up and everything is covered in green. This leads to sniffling, sneezing and all the fun allergy symptoms. Five different allergy zones cover Austin which makes matter particularly worse here. People suffer from cedar fever from the high pollen count. woman wiping her eyes with a tissue

In addition to all of that, your eyes start to feel itchy, red, or teary. This eye allergy is known as allergic conjunctivitis. Foreign objects, such as pollen, dust or smoke, enter your body. Your body then overreacts as it mistakes them for harmful items. A chemical called histamine is released, drying out your eyes and telling your body it needs to produce more tears. Your eye's blood vessels become inflamed which is why your eyes feel itchy and red.

What can be done?

We have seen the symptoms so bad that people need to get shots to get their body back to normal. Antihistamines are a short-term fix. When it comes to the eyes, we like to recommend various antihistamine drops to keep the eyes moist. Give us a call to discuss the various options available for you.


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