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Children’s Eye Care – Q&A

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Q: We hear a lot about “seeing your eye doctor regularly.” In school aged children, ages 5 through 17, what does regularly mean?

For school age children, we recommend a yearly eye exam to ensure their eyes are healthy and vision is clear.

Q: What about preschoolers? Are there signs parents should look for that would indicate a trip to the Optometrist is necessary?

For preschoolers, we recommend an eye exam at 2 ½-3 years of age. But anytime a parent notices squinting, straining, headaches, an eye turn or head turn, or vision complaints the child should be brought to the office for an eye exam.

Q: Because many children may be too young to read how is an eye exam conducted if they conducted if they cannot read a Snellen Chart?

We have charts with pictures for children. There are also several objective ways to measure a child’s prescription.

Q: One of the greatest tasks of a school aged child is learning to read and, in older children, the amount of reading required. What should parents be on the lookout for concerning their child’s reading and potential vision problems?

Parents should watch for squinting, straining, fatigue, head turning, and headaches. Any signs of struggle or discomfort should be indication of need for an eye exam.

Q: We often discuss vision problems as they relate to sitting in a classroom, but what about the playground or vision acuity’s effect on socialization and play?

Poor vision can impact ability to play sports. A large part of good depth perception comes from having clear, crisp vision. A lack of clarity can decrease depth perception.

Q: We have many choices today to correct our vision. What do you recommend as the earliest age for contact lenses?

We have successfully fit many 9 year olds. 10, 11, and 12 are very common ages to begin Contact Lens wear. Of course the parent will be the best judge if a young one is ready to handle the responsibility contact lens wear requires.

Q: Kids can be hard on glasses. Are there effective glasses for children today that last?

Fortunately, there are currently several durable options available. We have many lightweight, titanium, flexible frames that are extremely durable.

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