Complete Eye Care
Near Austin, TX

Complete Eye Care Services in Austin

Complete Eye Care
Near Austin, TX

At Bristol Family Eyecare, we’re committed to providing you with outstanding service, and we know that getting to know you is the first step in making sure that you receive the high-quality, personalized eye care you and your family deserve. From eye exams and glasses to myopia control and dry eye treatment, we provide a range of services to meet all your routine vision care needs. We even have same-day appointments available if you’re in a bind!

Our Eye Care Services

Bristol Family Eyecare Eye Exam Services

Comprehensive Eye Exams

A comprehensive eye exam is for more than just an update to your vision prescription! Our Austin eye doctors will assess your quality of vision and the overall health of your eyes so we can establish what good eye health looks like for you now, making it easier to detect changes in the future.

Using advanced diagnostic equipment, we test for a variety of eye diseases and conditions, some of which can go unnoticed until they seriously threaten your sight. If we find anything unusual, we’ll monitor its progression and create a treatment plan just for you, making sure to keep you informed every step of the way.

Child recieving pediatric eye exam at Bristol Family Eyecare

Pediatric Eye Care

Children’s eyes require special consideration, especially small children at critical stages of development. At Bristol Family Eyecare, we provide pediatric eye exams to assess your child’s vision and screen for issues they may not be able to communicate.

If you have a concern about your child’s eyesight, our eye doctors have experience diagnosing and managing a wide range of pediatric eye conditions, ensuring the normal, healthy development of your child’s eyes.

Glasses on display at Bristol Family Eyecare

Eyeglasses & Frames

Your glasses are part of your personal style, and we want to help you find the pair of frames that best suits you! We carry a large selection of glasses in a variety of styles and colors, as well as a range of designer brands and specialty lens treatments.

Our opticians are ready to help you find that perfect pair, so you can get just the right look for your face shape, eye color, and vision needs. We even have a kids’ optical section for the little ones!

Contact Lenses in Austin, TX

Contact Lenses

Contact lenses require a slightly different prescription, since they sit directly on your eye instead of just in front of it, like your glasses do. If contacts are more suited to your lifestyle, we’ll provide you with a contact lens exam and fitting to make sure you leave with a contact lens supply that provides you with clear, comfortable vision.

We carry many of the top national brands of contact lenses, which come in all shapes and sizes, including soft disposable lenses, multifocal, and bifocal lenses.

Sunglasses selection at Bristol Family Eyecare


Sunglasses can be a bold fashion statement, but more importantly, they’re essential when it comes to protecting your eyes from sunlight. Harmful UV rays can take a toll on your eyes over time, especially if you spend a lot of time in the sun!

We offer a wide variety of sunglass frames and lenses, both prescription and non-prescription, as well as an assortment of kids’ sunglasses to help protect their eyes while they play outside.

Child recieving eye care at At bristol Family Eyecare

Ortho-K for Myopia Control

Ortho-K — short for orthokeratology — is a type of therapy used to correct and manage severe myopia, or nearsightedness. Ortho-K uses customized rigid gas permeable contact lenses to reshape your eyes while you sleep each night, allowing for clear vision throughout the day.

While Ortho-K can be effective for adults with a low prescription, it’s especially effective in controlling the progression of nearsightedness in children and reduces their future risk of eye conditions associated with severe myopia.

Refractive Surgery in Austin, TX

Refractive Surgery

Refractive surgeries like LASIK can reduce or eliminate your need to wear glasses or contact lenses. LASIK has some of the highest success and satisfaction rates — along with the lowest complication rates — of any elective procedure.

If you’re interested in having LASIK or another vision correction procedure, we can find out if you’re a candidate and refer you to a surgeon we trust, and provide your pre and post-operative care right here in our office!


Dr. Bristol is fantastic. Professional and friendly. Takes time to explain things. Never feels rushed. I've been a patient for about 10 years now, and always a good experience. The staff is super friendly, and the huge selection of frames is great.

- Charles K.

Highly recommend

- Steve A.

Our family of six have been patients and fans of Dr. Bristol’s for 15+ years. I’ve been a CRT user for 14 of those years and love the freedom (without surgery.) My wife’s vision has been a moving target for the last ten years but Dan has patiently kept up. Kids are all happy with the service. Most of all we love Dan’s holistic approach screening for a number of potential health issues that can reveal themselves in the health of your eyes.

- Lance O.

Super service -- as usual and despite to COVID-19 pandemic. It doesn't get any better than this.

- Jeff L.

Always friendly and professional. The front staff and back staff are equally fantastic! They are extremely helpful and very efficient at getting you in and out in a timely fashion. I have found them to be outstanding with follow up care (i.e. frame adjustments, etc.) as well. Overall, a great choice!

- Marlo U.

Great facility, staff and service. Dr Bristol and team are fast, friendly and knowledgeable. In my experience they are prepared with the upfront insurance plan info so that you understand your covered options throughout the process (no financial surprises ) which I appreciate . The office also has a good selection of frames on hand to roils out the process.

- RayATX