Prescription & Designer
Sunglasses in Austin, TX

Man and woman wearing designer sunglasses from Bristol

Prescription & Designer Sunglasses in Austin, TX

What your sunglasses are made of matters. You want the lightest and most durable frames, from titanium to acetate to wood, that will weather the storms you put them through. You want 100% UV ray-blocking lenses that protect your eyes from the sun’s dangerous radiation. And you want stylish shapes and designs that keep you looking cool no matter how hot it gets.

Sunglasses can protect your eyes from blinding and damaging light and even help prevent vision-threatening eye diseases. At Bristol Family Eyecare, we offer hundreds of different kinds of sunglasses to help you see clearly, comfortably, and safely in all conditions.

Woman wearing designer sport sunglasses from Bristol

Sunglasses We Offer

Whether you need simple UV protection, specialized vision correction, durable frames for work or physical activity, or added sun protection for the kids, our expert opticians have you covered with our wide selection of sunglasses options. We can even get you in for same-day appointments, and with our onsite finishing lab, get your standout sunglasses to you faster than ever!

Designer Sunglasses

We offer designer frames for sunglasses from some of the most widely known brands, including Chanel, Oliver Peoples, Maui Jim, Masunaga, Ray Ban, Costa, and many more. Even if all you need is nonprescription sunglasses, we’ll pair you with a pair that fits great and makes you look even better.

Austin Designer Frames for Sunglasses
Prescription Sunglasses in Austin, TX

Prescription Sunglasses

The vast majority of our sunglasses can be fitted with prescription lenses to provide precise vision correction. If you want hybrid eyeglasses and prescription sunglasses, we also offer photochromatic lenses that darken in sunlight, clip on lenses, and other options tailored to your needs.

Children’s Sunglasses

Children’s eyes are even more sensitive than adults, and their development can be thrown off course by excessive exposure to UV rays. We have a variety of sunglasses for kids that fit them comfortably and protect their eyes, available in styles they’ll love!

Austin Children’s Sunglasses
Austin Sport Sunglasses

Performance & Sport Sunglasses

For physical activity or a job that takes you away from the office and into the hot sun, it’s important to have lightweight frames that stay in place and don’t break easily. Our performance sunglasses are designed from the ground up to give you optimal vision, stay out of your way, and survive whatever sports or other punishing activity you put them through.

Polarized Lenses &
Other Lens Treatments

Your sunglasses should block 100% of UV rays, but you can also upgrade them further with lens treatments like polarized, anti-glare, anti-scratch, computer, reflective, color, and other finishes and coatings for full protection. With our onsite finishing lab, we can customize lenses and have them ready to take home in no time!

Austin Polarized Lenses
Austin Sport Sunglasses

Frames and Lens Warranty

Bristol has your back when disaster strikes! Our robust, patient-focused warranties offer multiple important protections. All patients have 30 days to make one-time changes to their frames and lenses. Frames can also be changed for another pair or returned altogether for a 20% restocking fee. Should you lose your pair, our lost glasses replacement option offers 30% off frames and is also backed by a lens warranty.

We know kids can be hard on their glasses, which is why kids 12 and under are protected with a 12-month warranty, which offers 50% off their new frames and warranty lenses. Finally, all special lens coatings — like Prevencia, Sapphire GR, Rock, and Xperio — are protected by a scratch and lens warranty. Contact us to learn more about your coverage!