Correcting More Than Just
Your Vision with Neurolens™

Bristol Family Eyecare Neurolens

Correcting More Than Just
Your Vision with Neurolens™

If you have an eye misalignment and are struggling with the pain and discomfort associated with the condition, we can help you find relief with the innovative technology of Neurolens™! At Bristol Family Eyecare, our mission is to enrich your life through solutions that both correct your vision and treat the underlying problem of different eye diseases. Neurolens™ glasses are an excellent solution for combatting eye misalignment and increasing your comfort.

Head, Eye, Neck, or Shoulder Pain?

If you have headaches, eye fatigue, dizziness, or neck or shoulder aches, you may have an eye misalignment. Although your eyes are not fully crossed, eye misalignment can cause your body to make hundreds of micro-adjustments over the course of the day. Even though the condition forces areas of your body – like your eyes, head, neck, and shoulders – to strain and work harder to adjust, it often goes undiagnosed because it doesn’t directly affect your vision. The experts at Bristol Family Eyecare are here to diagnose your condition and help you find relief with Neurolens™!

Enter Neurolens: A New, But Proven, Solution to Eye Misalignment

Neurolens™ treatment helps correct eye misalignment, effectively relieving and preventing its associated symptoms. As a trusted solution with a high satisfaction rate, Neurolens™ glasses use a special prism design to help your eyes naturally realign, eliminating the strain that’s caused when your body tries to overcompensate. And as an added benefit, Neurolenses™ fit into any frames, so you can look and feel your best!

Woman wearing eyeglasses at Bristol Family Eyecare
Eye exam at Bristol Family Eyecare

Your Neurolens™ Provider Matters — So Choose Bristol Family Eyecare

At Bristol Family Eyecare, our compassionate team will use the latest techniques and technology to evaluate your eyes and help you find relief from your misalignment. If Neurolens™ is right for you, we’ll tailor your prescription lenses to fit your needs. We can then fit your Neurolenses™ into your current eyewear, or our knowledgeable opticians can help you find a new pair of frames that perfectly fit your face shape and sense of style!

Neurolens™ Success Stories

With over 90% of patients experiencing significant relief, you can trust Neurolens™ to soothe symptoms and correct vision. See stories from patients who got the freedom of relief with Neurolens™.