Audiology in Lakeway & Georgetown


As part of our commitment to nurturing your total well-being, you can and should get your hearing checked in addition to your vision! At our Lakeway and Georgetown locations, our skilled and compassionate audiologist, Bea Smith, Au.D., F-AAA, carefully examines all aspects of your hearing and walks you through your results. With our all-encompassing care, we’re proud to provide total peace of mind in your eye and ear health!


Hearing loss can occur due to many reasons, but most often is caused by aging, especially in patients over 55 years old. If you suffer from any hearing loss, it is important to get your hearing checked to help identify the cause, which may be from a more serious health condition.

In the same way we look after our vision, we should routinely check our hearing. A few of the obvious signs that you may need to consider checking your hearing are if you find yourself turning up the television to hear better or are having trouble hearing others in noisy, group environments. Untreated hearing loss can affect mental sharpness and can increase the risk for dementia, so it is important to seek treatment early.

Your experienced Audiologist, Dr. bea smith

Dr. Bea Smith, our audiology partner, is committed to providing her patients with excellent hearing care by following best practices and a patient-first approach. She has a doctorate from Indiana University and is licensed by the state of Texas to practice audiology and fit hearing aids. Dr. Smith offers a range of the latest technology in hearing devices from leading manufacturers, in addition to a full aftercare program for your hearing health to ensure you get optimal performance from your hearing aids.


An Ohio native, Dr. Smith graduated with honors, receiving an undergraduate degree in speech pathology and audiology and a minor in special education from Miami University. She went on to achieve her master’s and Doctorate in audiology from Indiana University and has worked at two of the top 10 children’s hospitals in the country with patients who have different diseases and abilities. Broadening her expertise, she conducts research in hearing, genetics, as well as cancer and chemotherapy. Along with her research partner, Dr. Smith pioneered a drug to block the harmful effects of chemotherapy on hearing in certain brain cancer patients.

Dr. Smith is highly esteemed, having multiple published works, speaking engagements at national and international conferences, and being a former specialist at a hearing aid company where she taught providers how to better serve patients across the country.

In her free time, Dr. Smith enjoys traveling, home improvement projects, volunteering as a foster dog mom for a local rescue, and spending time with her dogs, Hazel and Pfeiffer.

Book Your Complimentary Hearing Check Today

It’s easy to put your mind at rest if you have concerns by taking advantage of our hearing services. Book a hearing check today and Dr. Bea will test your hearing, examine your ears to ensure they are healthy, and discuss any concerns you may have. She will ensure you are well informed about your hearing health and recommend a hearing solution for you if needed.